Otomatik Pompa Kontrol Cihazı HSF-1010



The device is designed especially for the Arab States (Iraq – Syria – Lebanon – Libya ... Countries which use the water tanks system)


Use of the device :

 - Used to control the pumps of the main grid to the tank (upward)

- Used to control pumps from a ground tank to the upper tank (upward)


NOTE: When using the water directly the pump doesn't run, the pump is working through the timer system (every 30 minutes the tank is being checked)


Operation of the device:

- The device works to start and stop the pump automatically through a starting timer every 30 minutes

The water tank is checked , if the tank is empty or full of a little bit the tank will be filled  -

 When the tank is filled it turn off the pump-

- If the tank was filled it will run the pump for 10 seconds only and then the pump will shut down

- The water tank will be checked repeatedly every 30 minutes continuously

Benefit of the device: saving the electric power and extend the life of the pump:

When using the water directly from the tank the device does not run the pump, the pump

runs every 30 minutes only, which prevents the pump from running repeatedly

In traditional devices of this type, the pump is directly work when using a very small

 amounts of water resulting a huge waste of electrical energy and increasing the pump